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Deliberately crafted with the earth in mind.

The Sanari Candle Company

ethically sourced • sustainably produced • entirely plant made •
whole essential oils • clean burning

truly sustainable
luxury candle

Drawn from the earth to give back to it

We strive to bring you the best gifts nature offers without harming the vital source – our planet. Every part of the Sanari process – sourcing farm-grown ingredients, selecting materials, curating scents, and packaging – is designed to work in harmony with our planet.


Our candles are packaged in tree-free paper and printed in soy ink. Even the glass can be washed and repurposed in your kitchen!

Hands holding a Sanari Candle
Founder Rebecca

One woman's mission

Battling Breast Cancer & Eliminating Toxins

When Sanari Candle Founder Rebecca Aghalarpour was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she dedicated herself to eliminating toxins from her home. This included the scented candles which she discovered contained unsafe carcinogens, synthetic perfumes, and numerous chemicals.


She devoted herself to finding an alternative and spent the next months blending ingredients for a more safe, sustainable, and quality scented candle to enjoy in her home. Sanari Candle was born. 

Expertly blended whole essential oils

Drawn from the earth to give back to it

Essential Oils are the soul of a plant. An essential oil candle allows you to connect to the life-giving and life-affirming forces of the plants and Whole Essential Oils retain all the fundamental properties.