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I am excited that you are interested in becoming a Sanari Candle Brand Ambassador and spreading the word about the most natural candle in the world!

Our vegan candles are

  • Made in the USA

  • Have a 45 hour burn time

  • Non-GMO

  • Environmentally friendly

  • And 5% of the retail sales goes to The National Breast Cancer Foundation


Chances are if you’ve made it to this page and are wondering how to become a part of the team you already knew that. I truly believe in these candles and that natural is the best way to go, for our own health and for our environment. That’s the reason I keep sharing, and I imagine it’s the reason you are here looking for the opportunity to share as well.


Keep reading! Discover what it means to be a Brand Ambassador, how to become a part of the Sanari team, and what you will gain along the way.

Again thank you so much for believing in what Sanari stands for. I can’t wait to hear your Sanari stories

---Rebecca, Founder


Join us in sharing the soft, sophisticated elegance of Sanari Candles

Why We Created the Sanari Candle Brand Ambassador

We are environmentally conscious and fully sustainable end-to-end. A difference we believe matters. We create and promote products that promote health and give back. Our plant-based candles are drawn from our earth and give back to our earth, and to you.


We truly believe that love can be felt and experienced through the soft glow of a candle, when they are made with intent. Rebecca’s Story shares the intent and beauty that goes into each one of our candles and how that energy is transferred to you. 

With your help, we can share that love organically and authentically.

Who is a Sanari Brand Ambassador

A Sanari Brand Ambassador is someone who already loves our candles and what they represent.

If this describes you and you’re looking for opportunities to earn products and sharing those products with friends and across social media then here are a few more qualifications:

  • An established online presence. You will be asked to provide follower numbers on Facebook and a social media platform of your choice.

  • High engagement on social media. We want to know that conversations happen. It’s great to have a high following but it’s even better if you can get your online community actually engaged in the conversation.

  • Belief in sustainability and environmentally conscious. We want ambassador’s who believe in our product because of the story behind it. We want ambassador’s whose friends and followers can trust them to promote healthy, trustworthy products.

If this is you simply fill out this form below and we will get back to you soon.

What Do Sanari Brand Ambassadors Do?

Each approved ambassador will be asked to share their personal experiences in several ways throughout the designated month. This commitment will include photos, reviews, testimonials or live video.


As an ambassador, your honest feedback will be requested when new products are released. We will ask for testimonials as you share your experience of Sanari across social media.


To be a part of this project you will be asked to participate in two segments.

You will be asked to share one post a week, with image, for four weeks, tagging Sanari in each one. At the end of the month you will receive a $50 credit to purchase Sanari products.

Let’s Do This Together!

We will help you every step of the way! If you have questions reach out. While pictures and wording should be your own we will engage with the posts we are tagged in and help keep the conversation flowing.


Thank you for your interest in spreading the word that the best candles are the most natural ones!  

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