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Essential Oil Organic Candles

for a Luxurious and Healthy Lifestyle

We make Sanari Candles in Southern California, USA with your lifestyle in mind. Sanari Candle Founder Rebecca Aghalapour created our aromatherapy candles to create a relaxing environment for you to live your life to its fullest potential.

Our Candles are all made from an organic, GMO-free Coconut and Soy Wax blend that will fill your space with the scent of your choosing without overpowering the senses. With our special blended wax and our unbleached cotton wick, you can be sure that your air remains clean and fresh.

All our candles are hand-made in a reusable, recyclable, and beautiful stemless wine glasses that lets you know you have a high-quality, luxury candle even before you light the wick for the first time.

Keeping your home and your breathable air clear of toxins is an integral part of the Sanari Candle mission. Coconut and Soy wax candles infused with a blend of whole essential oils and natural cotton wick provides the feeling of love, comfort, and luxury we seek in our daily lives.

Rebecca's Story

Sanari Founder Rebecca
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Organic Makes a Difference

We believe in the Candle Lifestyle. A natural, organic candle does more than burn in the background. Sanari promotes a healthy lifestyle and soothes your body and soul.

Candles are more than a way to add a fragrance to the air. We make our high-quality candle to exude luxury and promote a healthy lifestyle We have chosen our essential oils with care to ensure that you get the most out of the aromatherapy provided by our candles.

Essential Oil Candles

Will Transform Your Home

Essential Oils are the soul of a plant. An essential oil candle allows you to connect to the life-giving and life-affirming forces of the plants and Whole Essential Oils retain all the fundamental properties. When you burn Whole Essential oils in a candle for aromatherapy, you are receiving the full therapeutic benefits as nature intended.

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New Sanari Candle

for Yourself

Unlike ordinary candles, Sanari Candle produces candles with no animal byproducts, petroleum, or artificial scents. A clean, green, unique, and exciting journey for the senses awaits you and your loved ones with this purely organic candle. Find the combination of scents that resonates with you from our organic candle shop.  Let your journey to luxury and extraordinary pleasure begin. We produce all our candles Southern California, USA, the home of the luxurious and healthy lifestyle. Environmentally safe Sanari Candles bring a soothing and healthful fragrance into your home.

The main reason that Rebecca wanted to create Sanari Candle was the memory of her experience with candles and aromatherapy during her personal battle with Breast Cancer. We have never lost that vision. The health and wellness of candle lovers have always been our driving force. Sanari Candles will not overpower you with artificial scents made in a laboratory. When you burn our candles, you will know that the air you breathe remains safe and free of toxins. You can rest assured that the therapeutic benefits associated with Whole Essential Oils and Aromatherapy are there.

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"It was quite by accident that I came to find my Sanari candle, and I am so happy I did. Because of allergies, I could not have a candle that gives off too sweet and powerful scents, so I took a chance on “Sanam,” and I am overwhelmed by its absolute subdued aroma of rose and jasmine petals and a touch of lemon. I was hooked. This was my candle!! I lit my candle every day and enjoyed the fragrance it permeated throughout my home. I loved the way it made me feel completely and totally refreshed and relaxed. Thank you, Sanari!"

— Claudine T.


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and live your best life

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