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100% Cotton Wide Wick for a Pure Burn

Fire, of the four elements, is the only one with the power to transform. It has both physical and spiritual properties that are essential to our survival. Whether in celebration, or even after a hard day’s work we crave the beauty and comfort beholden in the warm glow of a fire, an instinct that goes back to ancient times where people united around a reassuring flame to be with loved ones, reflect and restore ones mind and spirit. At Sanari Candle we use only 100% cotton unbleached wide wick in each and every one of our hand-poured candles. Cotton wicks are naturally toxic free and pose no health risks when burned. We use a wide cotton wick to not only keep your home and conscious soot free, but to add a beautiful triangular glow possible only by the perfect size of the wick. Yes, in this case size matters and after many experiments, we have established theright wick size that not only allows for an equal, clean burn all the way down to the end but creates a neat triangular glow that promotes the unity of spirit, mind and body. It’s a beautiful luxury to have access to a spiritual resurrection at your fingertips. To maintain this experience over and over again, it’s best to preserve your candle the right way each time by storing away from heat, humidity and direct sun. Remove excess burnt wick with a napkin each time before lighting your candle and make sure to extinguish candle to cool completely before touching or moving.

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