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Biscotti: What's in a Name?

Yes, our candles smell incredible and are made with the absolute best ingredients, but did you know each candle is also made with a unique blend of essential oils that are known to benefit you in different ways? Take our Biscotti Candle, not only does it smell DELICIOUS, but its combination of Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg,​ and​ Cinnamon​ essential oils ​allow you to breathe in relaxation and concentration! Let's dig a little deeper. Each of these 3 oils have many redeeming qualities, but allow us to highlight their best benefits. Cinnamon oil is known to cause calming effects on our nerves, while supporting our immune system. Vanilla, with its warm and soothing smell, is a natural aphrodisiac, causing us to feel happy! Nutmeg is sedative, and helps us relieve stress and help improve the quality of our sleep. So yes, our Biscotti candle may smell like a guilty pleasure, but it definitely is not!

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