• Marta

Crema Bucca: What's in a Name?

​It's hard not to love our Crema Bucca Sanari Candle. With luxurious smells of Vanilla, Clove, and Cinnamon the candle eanisily has you craving a warm cozy night in with your friends and family. But did you know our Crema Bucca candle has essential oils that give you more than just yummy smells for your nose? The cinnamon oil is great for your immune system, with cleansing properties it helps deter your body from exhaustion and fatigue. It also contains calming properties that work wonders on people with anxiety. Vanilla oil, a natural aphrodisiac, gives people a warming and soothing feeling when inhaled. And finally, when breathed in, clove essential oils have the ability to support your cardiovascular health due to its antioxidants. So there you have it, now you don't have to feel bad about your cozy night in.


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