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Candle of the Week I've chosen our "Trentino" blend for you this week!

I've chosen our "Trentino" blend for you this week!

It has tantalizing spicy and woody notes of cinnamon bark, falling into the warmth of creamy vanilla bean, finishing off with smooth clove. This one definitely brings that warm, cozy holiday feeling to your home!

Enjoy! Love,Rebecca 🍁❤️🍂 Made with Sustainable Products: Organic Coconut and Non-Gmo Soy Wax ❤️ 100% Organic, Certified Essential Oils ❤️ 100% Certified Unbleached Cotton Wick ❤️ Reusable Stemless Wine Glass Proudly Hand Crafted in California, USA ❤️🍷

Free of Petroleum, Harmful Synthetic Fragrances, Colourants & Animal By-Products.

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