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Steps To A Non-Toxic Home

How important is it to clear your home of artificial fragrances and dangerous synthetic substances? It is of the UTMOST importance! (If you don’t believe us, read our blog post here about what a fragrance really is!)

But where do you start? You're not alone if the very thought of having to switch every single cleaning, cosmetic, or personal care product in your home to an all-natural alternative makes you want to hide under the bed and never come out.

Here’s the best place to start: Stop feeling guilty! We are human beings, and as such we are very, very fallible. Allow yourself to accomplish this very large responsibility over time. Giving yourself this modicum of grace will allow you to make this life-changing task a priority, and will allow you to do it right.

The next step is just that - a step. Pick one item that you use frequently, but perhaps not daily. Possibly a laundry detergent, or maybe floor cleaner. Now roughly calculate how much you spend on that cleaning product every month. Got it? Ok!


How much more would you be willing to spend on that product per month? Try thinking of this in terms of your favorite meal out, your favorite coffee drink, or your favorite activity. For your family’s health and safety, would you give up one latte per month and spend it on a 100% non-toxic laundry detergent? Is your family’s health worth trading one manicure or a dinner out with the girls? Is the answer, “Yes”?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just took your first step in creating a healthier home for you and your family! Now pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea as a celebration of this amazing decision, and sip it as you read the rest of this blog…

The following is our list of synthetic items in your household that you can start replacing with all-natural products. Again, you don’t have to commit to all of these at once, it’s okay to start small. We suggest picking one category to modify every month or week and eventually you’ll have a completely safe and non-toxic home for you and your family.

  • Air Fresheners: Air fresheners can be replaced with essential oils mixed with water and stored in a spray bottle (glass is least toxic!). Essential oil diffusers are another great option and are readily available in most home stores and natural food markets.

  • Cleaning Fluids: Vinegar will work wonders on most floors and is non-toxic for children and pets. Mix with some fresh lemon and herbs to make detergents and sprays that are effective and smell more natural and refreshing than the toxic alternatives!

  • Soaps: There are plenty of soaps on the market these days that are scented with only essential oils. There are loads of other toxic ingredients to be aware of besides fragrance, but lots of the bar soaps out there are safe and non-toxic.

  • Stain Remover: There’s nothing wrong with a little baking soda, just like Grandma used to do it!

  • Baby Wipes and Diapers: Look for eco and 100% natural brands, and read those labels, Mamas!

Last but not least, candles. I think we can help with this one! We often forget that most traditional candles contain highly toxic carcinogens that can be extremely harmful when breathing in. Sanari Candle is dedicated to providing the most natural candle in the world, free of all pesticides, herbicides, dyes, artificial fragrances, and petroleum based products. Made from organic coconut wax and a blend of natural essential oils, Sanari Candles are a safe and non-toxic candle for your home. You can shop our collection of 100% natural candles here.

The final step in the process...take pride in the fact that you are doing the best thing for your family and making the decision to change. Be proud that you are incorporating healthier choices into your household and living the #SanariLifestyle.

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