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The Secrets of Citrus

Every Sanari Candle begins with the secret ingredient of citrus! We use a pure citrus essential oil base that has many more benefits aside from smelling invigorating and refreshing! To help eliminate waste and toxins in the air the citrus ingredient in each candle helps remove any odor and purifies the air. Let’s break down all the wondrous advantages of citrus and why we love it so much:

PURITY - Citrus oil purifies the air. This is the primary reason that we use a blend of organic citrus oils in our proprietary wax. When you think of a purifying scent, you usually think of odor elimination, but citrus oils purify the air we breathe by eliminating germs. They also provide antioxidant protection by neutralizing free radicals.

ODOR - Citrus oil fights even the most stubborn odors in your home. While many essential oils are great at attacking unwanted smells in the air, citrus oil is one of the few that can completely eliminate tough scents like pet odor and bathroom funk.

IMMUNITY - The same elements that help fight cold and flu symptoms when you’re not feeling well can also help fight toxins in the air. Next time you or anyone in the family starts feeling under the weather, burn your pure Sanari Candle to help kick those germs out of your home.

MOOD - Citrus is a natural mood booster, fighting depression, sadness and angry feelings and emotions. It also helps invigorate your mood and give you energy. Try burning a Sanari Candle first thing in the morning while you enjoy your coffee or tea, and let it help get your day started.

These are just a few reasons why we love citrus oils, but there are so many more benefits! Citrus oils…

…are a natural appetite suppressant.

…are a great skin rejuvenator.

…can be used to flavor food and drinks.

Want to use citrus oils in other ways? Here are some ideas…

Combine a few drops of lemon oil with a carrier oil such as Jojoba, and use as a night-time face oil. The citrus oil will help neutralize free radicals on the skin’s surface.

Citronella oil is commonly used as a bug repellent. You can also combine a bit of it with water in a spray bottle and use it to eliminate odor from your dog’s bed.

Sniff some grapefruit oil before your next meal, and let its satiating properties act as a natural appetite suppressant.

Make your own furniture polish! Mix a few drops of orange oil with Jojoba oil and use to polish your wood surfaces (test on a small, non-visible area first to be safe).

Of course, bring in all the benefits of citrus into your home by lighting any Sanari Candle. Shop the collection now at Want to experience more citrus in your candle? We can recommend our Granita Candle with juicy pink grapefruit or our Sanam Candle with a twist of zesty lemon.

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