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Find Your Signature Scent With Our Trial Packs

Have you ever asked a friend NOT to light a certain candle scent, because it makes you sicken or reminds you of something unpleasant? Most of us have, and many times we are met with rolled eyes and skepticism. It is difficult for some to believe that a scent they adore can be perceived differently by someone else, but the truth is, the science backs that up. People do smell things differently and paying attention to physical cues can open a whole new reality for those of us that listen.

In the case of candles, specifically our candles at Sanari, you the client are presented with a range of scents, experiences, potencies, and combinations. We are presenting you with an assortment of scent recipes, and because of various factors ranging from olfactory memory-in which the aroma of something or other evokes a past emotion or event to basic physiology, you may be getting an entirely different experience than someone else who purchases the exact same product. In short, what smells great to someone else may be less than or more than that for you.

For this reason, the trial packs offer a range of scents within a category to get you started on finding a favorite or two that works specifically for YOU. Most people know the range of fragrances they tend to gravitate towards, be it citrus based or woodsy, and the trial pack gives you a sampling in those scent genres that let you explore which is best for your individual tastes and needs.

It is unrealistic to think that everyone will love every scent of candle that we have created. Some people are triggered negatively by any hint of vanilla without knowing why, and others might find citrus too astringent when still others find the same scent to be refreshing! There are any number of variables that can color our likes and dislikes regarding our sophisticated fragrance menu, but we would like each customer to discover their true favorites among our lines.

This can mean you love the whole Citrus/Herbal line up, or just a couple from Floral/Fruity or Spicy/Woody, but treating yourself to one or two of the affordable trial packs can allow you to explore all of your options before settling on those one or two favorites that you must have in your life.

Many men and women take time to consider a cologne or perfume before planning on what is really THEM.Why should picking a fragrance for your home or office be any less important?What is the point of lighting a scented candle if the scent itself just does not do “it” for you?

Try out a few or more to test the fit of each scent into your home and into your LIFE.It can only enhance whatever tone you want your space to emit by discovering and embracing a scent that you can love and rely on to maintain that atmosphere.

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