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Happy Halloween from Sanari!

Happy Halloween from Sanari! As the official kick-off holiday of the "Holiday Season," Halloween is the holiday that celebrates all things nighttime-the spooky, the scary, and all things best observed by candlelight! While typically celebrated with costume parties and trick or treating, most of us are spending this Halloween indoors due to social distancing mandates. Still, while we may not be able to trick or treat with the kids or bob for apples with our friends, we can appreciate the ambiance of a flickering flame.

In the United States, it is common for folks to place candles inside a hollowed-out jack-o-lantern or decorated paper bags to create luminaries to light the darkness of front porches and walkways leading to houses in this eeriest of nights. In other areas of the world, however, candles are typically placed and lit on alters to entice the Angelitos (the spirits of dead children) to return for Dia de Los Muertosthe Day of the Dead, the darkly beautiful tradition held throughout much of Central and South America. This holiday uses the light of a candle to guide ghosts home to celebrate the night with family and loved ones instead of focusing on costumes and candy. The flame's use to draw one home transcends the differences between Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos.

While Sanari candles aren't the sort of candles one places inside a carved pumpkin (although it would be safe to do so, why would you want to cover up such a pretty display), and they don't come in gimmicky packaging or with season-themed names, you can find a choice or two in our inventory that embraces the overall feeling of the season.

The feeling of harvest, bonfires, and apple picking, multicolored leaf piles, and cold-filled air can be enjoyed by lighting our woodsy Trentino, a scent extremely suitable for embodying this time of year. While not a typical Fall scented fragrance, many of the elements that are traditional to the season are in effect in Trentino. Spicy cinnamon and peppery clove provide the necessary warmth one gets from sitting in the heated kitchen with a fresh slice of apple pie straight from the oven, while the vanilla that rounds out the fragrance lends the sweetness of the ice-cream that melts on top.

Any of our candles can be lit to illuminate your All Hallow's Eve. The flickering of the candle itself lends a sort of spooky ambiance to any darkened room or doorway, but why not enjoy an exquisite candle that enhances your environment with the purest of essential oils, without the foulness of carcinogenic side effects that paraffin wax candles force upon all who are within inhaling distance.

It's one thing to enjoy a spooky, scary Halloween, but indoor pollutants that cause cancer and respiratory distress are the sort of long-term "tricks" that no one needs to celebrate the season.

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