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Highlighting Douglas Fir

We are now officially into the holiday season. With all the decorations that we will see over the next month for Hanukkah and Christmas, one of the most iconic holiday symbols is the Christmas Tree. While the first person to bring a decorated tree into a house was said to be Martin Luthor, trees have been used as a decoration for pagan and Christian winter festivals for thousands of years. For all this time, the tree that has been associated with winter festivals and Christmas is the evergreen fir tree.

Today, the most common fir tree to be used as a Christmas Tree is the Balsam Fir. In the United States, it is a very popular tree with vibrant, green colors and the branch strength to hold decorations. Another extremely well-loved Christmas Tree in the United States is the Douglas Fir, which is in abundance along the west coast. Despite its name, the Douglas Fir is not a Fir tree, but rather a Pine and has been used for Christmas decorations since the 1920s.

Douglas Fir Trees have a very distinctive strong, sweet, and fresh scent with hints of citrus. It is a scent that immediately reminds everyone of Christmas and the holiday season. If you were to imagine taking a walk into a forest on a cold winter’s night, it is Douglas Fir that transports you there with its fragrance.

The essential oils extracted from the Douglas Fir bring everything we love about evergreens into your home. That cool, refreshing ambiance provided by Douglas Firs also promotes clear and healthy breathing just as if you are taking a long walk through a full Pine forest. Douglas Fir also promotes a mood positivity that can only enhance the Holiday season of cheer and goodwill. Is this a function of the oil itself or is it the fresh, clean scent which transports all of us, regardless of our religion or upbringing, to an easier time with friends and family enjoying one of happiest times of the year? Well, we believe that both are true!

When you light the new and improved Bosco Candle from Sanari, you get the scent of Douglas Fir that makes this candle one of our most popular, especially this time of year. Bosco starts off with Pine and Douglas Fir, falling into a sweet sage, finishing with white grapefruit, and fresh mint. Bosco is by far one of the most woody, outdoorsy, and essentially masculine scents we offer.

You will also find Douglas Fir in our Pompelmo Candle. Pompelmo is a very calming, yet energizing scent that blends the Douglas Fir with pink grapefruit and relaxing chamomile and deep lavender. While Bosco brings you to the forest for a brisk hike, Pompelmo transports you to a sprawling meadow of purples and greens where the clear sky seems to rise forever.

2020 has been a trying time for so many people. Stress and depression are on an increase, while our typical coping mechanisms, namely friends and family to provide hugs and support, are being denied us all.

Many of us, across the globe, will be celebrating the holiday dinners and candle lighting with those loved ones remotely, via webcams or video calling. This is all the more reason to create environments that are invigorating yet relaxing out of these forced quarters. The holidays can still be merry with the right scented candle to remind us of those winters past and light up these nights to fill us with hope for winters yet to come.

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