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Mini Luxe Gift Sets are Perfect for the Holidays

No matter what holiday you are celebrating, it is the time for gift giving. When choosing gifts for loved ones or acquaintances, we urge you to consider one of our Mini Luxe Gift Sets of 3 Candles with selections from our Fruit, Herbal, and Woody scents. These are options that represent more than a mere set of candles from one person to another. During this time of joy throughout much of the world, what a gift like this says about the giver is that you care about the person receiving the gift. A gift of Sanari Candles shows that you care about quality and craftsmanship.

Sanari isn’t just about giving someone a nice smelling candle because you know they like nice-smelling candles. You could go to the mall and buy a large, pretty paraffin wax pillar that is artificially scented to remind you of an oatmeal cookie, piece of fruit, or something intangible, like falling snow.

The reason you are looking at Sanari Candles is that you have a more refined sense of taste and a more conscientious attitude about what you put out into the world.

Consider what you know of the person you are shopping for, and then think about what you want to say to them with your gift.

When your special someone received a Sanari Candle or three that you selected for them, you are showing how much you care. Your gift shows that you went out of your way to provide them with the soothing, organic fragrances created from nature. A Sanari Mini Luxe Gift Set will enhance and illuminate the space around them without drowning that space in the overpowering artifice so prevalent in most commercial paraffin wax candles.

Your gift also says you want that space to be safe for your loved one to enjoy without fear of the multitude of potential health problems associated with the burning of carcinogenic paraffin candles. Particularly if the home or workspace the candle is going to has children or pets, you want your gift to impact that environment in only the most positive ways.

Our candles are an excellent choice for the discerning gift giver. Each candle is a thoughtful, quality creation designed to incorporate environmental awareness with elegant luxury.

Anyone would be lucky to get even one candle as a gift. With a Mini Luxe Gift Sets to allow the person you care about to experience the magic for themselves three times!

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