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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and because of our founder’s very personal struggle with this disease and Sanari’s ongoing mission to provide safe, non-toxic aromatherapy to our customers-and contribute the overall wellbeing of the universe we all live in, it makes sense to illustrate the many ways in which the right organic coconut wax candle can assist in the healing process.

We have already touched upon how the right scent can have a physical affect on the body and mind, but science has proven in recent years that meditation and emotion therapy can have a profound effect on the healing processes. We aren’t just talking about traditional silent meditation and breathing exercises, either. According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, most hospitals currently have some kind of laughter or mood enhancing classes incorporated into treatment across the world, and the results are documented. Stimulation of the “happiness gland” increases endorphins, which boosts the body’s energy, enhances mood, and acts as a natural pain reliever, all things that are vital when fighting through the often debilitating treatments for all cancers. Imagine aromatherapy as another weapon to use along those lines against the enemy that is cancer. If you choose the right application, which is not just any old candle.

Traditional paraffin wax can be extremely carcinogenic, according to multiple researchers, scientists and reputable scientific organizations. That means that by merely lighting one of those “regular” candles up, you are introducing poison into the air you and your loved-ones breath. How much more impactful are such toxins on the body of those with compromised immune systems? If you are then trying to use candle therapy to enhance a cancer treatment program, those petroleum based products will do more harm then good.

Sanari candles are made with 100% non-toxic, green, non-GMO organic plant-based Eco-friendly wax that allows the user to light up their environment in a way that is comforting and safe. Combining the clean burning cotton wicks with the purest of essential oil scents provides a scent experience undiluted by toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene. You can then close your eyes and breath in those aroma’s as they are meant to be enjoyed.

The medical community has come a long way from just medicine and radiation to shrink cancer cells. Many programs include clown therapy and pet visitations to manufacture those chemical mood elevations. When we leave those places, and head to our homes…our intended sanctuaries, it only makes sense that we do our part to assist in our body’s struggles towards health. And so we pick out a scent that makes us happy -maybe the Fresco which smells like Persian lime, sweet basil, dry sage or the Aria, which mixes sweet tangerine, ylang ylang, and lavender-we put on our favorite comfy outfits, and we breathe in and out—maybe we force ourselves to laugh like they say at the CTCA, or maybe we just choose to focus on willing our bodies to heal.

With every Sanari Candle purchase, a 5% donation will be made to National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. to support their mission of Helping Women Now® through early detection, education, and support services. This cause is very close to Rebecca’s heart and she feels very fortunate that she had all the right resources to work with and she wants to make sure others will have the same.

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