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Wax Matters - Coconut Soy Candles Do Not Emit Toxins

The end of 2022 seems to be punctuated by various illnesses like Influenza and RSV in addition to the ongoing battle against the Corona virus. The weather is unpredictable at best as we brace for a season of storms and cold. Many of us have altered home spaces to serve as sanctuaries during the uncertainty, striving to create environments of peace and warmth. Lighting a candle, particularly during the winter months, is a wonderful way to increase the intimacy of a room while also evoking a desired sensory experience based on a chosen scent. Of course, all this effort to construct a fortress of mental wellness means little if the candle you are lighting is endangering the physical health of everyone you invite into your haven, including pets! Choosing a Sanari candle is a simple way to ensure that lighting a candle doesn’t compromise the health of the humans, furry friends, and the world that we all share.

Wax Matters

Every time a person lights a candle made of paraffin wax, toxins like toluene and benzene are released into the air. According to researchers out of South Carolina State University, soy/coconut-based candles like we make at Sanari simply don’t release those chemicals. The conclusion for this study was reached after the researchers lit and burned candles of different waxes, both petroleum-based (what paraffin is made of) and vegetable-sourced, for up to six hours in an enclosed space (8 inches x 8 inches by 26 inches) and then analyzed the substances released into the air.

Consider that some researchers have likened those emissions to that of diesel-fueled exhaust. What effect would you imagine breathing THAT frequently would have on your health? Another study conducted on mice at Copenhagen University suggests that regular exposure can lead to lung inflammation and toxicity, arteriosclerosis, and aging effects on chromosomes in the lungs and spleen!

In addition to our clearly superior wax formulation, Sanari only uses the finest cotton-wicking materials for a cleaner, safer burn. In fact, all the materials we use are environmentally conscious, sustainable, and free of any unsafe ingredients, synthetic perfumes, and the various chemicals used to create other, lesser candles. From tree-free paper packaging to soy ink printing, we have done our utmost to create the ultimate non-toxic and earth-friendly candle experience for our customers and their families. The glass candle holder can even be repurposed as a safe drinking glass!

Naturally, we recommend lighting our candles in well-ventilated areas, in places a safe distance from pets and small children, to ensure that your cozy oasis is free of toxins and can be enjoyed safely by all.

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