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Whole Essential Oil Candles Will Enhance Your Life

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Ever wonder why some companies get away with charging so much less for a product that is supposed to be the same as one of the luxury brands? How can the fast-food chains afford to serve chicken or hamburgers on a dollar menu when you pay over $10 anywhere else for the same meal?

What if you care about what those animals eat or the treatment they receive? You are willing to pay more for something that you could otherwise get from a drive-through to eat at a restaurant with humanely raised, locally sourced livestock.

If you think about it, how can anything made from inferior source material possibly compare to a luxury product made thoughtfully and ethically by a responsible company out of the best possible ingredients? When it comes to something like candles to scent and illuminate your home, you should be just as concerned over the quality of a product that will be influencing your physical environment.

Superior Ingredients Make a Superior Product

One of the many reasons a Sanari candle is superior to every other candle, aside from the clean-burning non-paraffin wax and unbleached cotton wicks, is our exclusive and revolutionary use of only whole pure essential oils. Anyone can go on the internet and order up some essential oils claiming to be pure, but the reality is, most of what you are getting is infused oils, and the difference is pronounced.

Back when Rebecca was envisioning the future of Sanari, there was never any question that the dream was to use the very best ingredients to craft these candles for their future clients and the planet. Using pure essential oils was (and still is) an uncommon practice in modern candle making because they are more expensive than the more commonly available infused essential oils.

Sanari Candle Only Uses Whole Essential Oils

It is rare for companies to use whole essential oils since extracting the oils from the source plant is a time-consuming process. The process is worth the time since the result is an essential oil that is more potent, concentrated, and valuable. The infused oils used by other companies are made by soaking plant matter within an inexpensive oil base.

Since these pure essential oils are so more powerful, using them appropriately is a more delicate endeavor than adding some basic scents to a candle recipe.

As many businesses use the source plants for medicinal purposes, they use expert care when handling them. Somewhere between science and art, each luxurious scent involves the same layering of exquisite top notes, heart notes, and base notes that comprise the overall effect offered by each candle selection. Too much of one scent or another can push something that should be light and refreshing right over the edge into medicinal and astringent.

Sanari Candles Will Enhance Your Life

Our candles won’t just light up a room and add fragrance to your environment but will enhance your life, which was our intent from the beginning.

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