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My Story

On Sunday afternoons, my daughter and I have a ritual of lighting a candle, making a pot of tea and baking together.  The presence of the candle light brings a softness and sweetness to our shared experience and enables us to commune with the moment. I light candles at the dinner table, in my bedroom and when I curl up to read a book.  The glow helps me wind down, relax, and get into a meditative mood.

But all of this came to a halt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I took stock and eliminated all possible toxins from our home. Out went chemical cleaners, unhealthy foods, and it turns out that traditional candles are full of toxic chemicals, like petroleum, dyes, artificial fragrances and animal by-products which go right into the air you breathe. So out went my beloved candles and the beautiful glow that maked me so happy.

My daughter and I went back to baking together but I missed the special moment created by the candle light. I was not going to give this up. I needed to come up with a solution. Months of research and hard work led me to create Sanari Plant Based Candles. One of a kind, plant based, vegan coconut wax blend, infused with 100% organic essential oils like Persian lime, jasmine, patchouli, mint, cinnamon and vanilla.  Knowing that burning candles from organic essential oils extracted from plants grown on this earth is healthy and wholesome, my Sunday afternoon baking is once again filled with pure, healing, beautiful light. And so is our home.

Love, Rebecca

The Sanari Difference

Sanari Candles use 100% Plant Based Technology to bring forward the true essence of each of our blended fragrances. We pull from our earth and give back to our earth and you. A true life force. We support and work with only organic farmers. All of our products are made in California, USA.

Organic Coconut Wax

Coconut wax is made out of raw and natural product - the coconut. The process involves gathering the coconut meat and cold pressing its oil. Using the hydrogenation process, coconut oil is then transformed into wax. Coconut wax burns a lot cleaner, cooler and perfectly complements with many kinds of essential oils. Coconut is organic, sustainable and eco-friendly, considered being the best wax used for candles.

Non-GMO Wax

The wax we have chosen is 100% Non-GMO and no pesticides or herbicides are used at any stage in its cultivation. Our blends  are a renewable source and the wax is naturally bio-degradable, and is considered an eco-friendly product.

Essential Oil

The biblical word for oil is SHEMEN which is related to the word NESHAMA - soul.  At Sanari Candle, we believe that essential oils is soul of the plant- when you burn our candle you connect to the life giving force of a plant.

Whole essential oils work best, burned in a candle, for aromatherapy; they contain all the elements of the “Plants” essential oils, just as nature created them. They therefore leave greater therapeutic benefits than the isolated components, which lack many of the important properties of the plants. All of the components of essential oils work in a synergistic manner and all are necessary to achieve the best result.

100% Unbleached Cotton Wide Wick

In many sacred writings the number three represents wisdom, harmony and unity. This is why we chose our wick which creates a unique triangular glow embodying the unity of SPIRIT, MIND and BODY. Our wicks are 100% unbleached Cotton and Natural. The wide wick is designed specifically to burn best in organic coconut and non-GMO wax for an even glow and pure burn.

Our Quality Glass & Box

Each candle is individually hand poured in a recycle stem less wine glass to insure the highest quality and care. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Glass with virtually no chemical interaction. This ensures that the ingredients contained in our glass jar maintains its strength and aroma. Our box is made with tree free paper (recycled paper) and printed with soy ink.

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Sanari Candle is proud to work with farmers that are dedicated to incorporating green technology, including using less water for plant growth, utilizing solar panels, and encouraging the use of fuels that reduce their carbon output.

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