Sanari Candle is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, through the highest quality organic and green products in the industry. Our vegan candles are free of all animal products. Our GMO-Free candles are made from unaltered soy beans and natural coconuts. Each of our natural candles begins with the end in mind -- To craft the ultimate sensory experience for you and your loved ones from eco-friendly plant based ingredients. Your time is precious. When you relax and unwind, you deserve the best organic candles that nature has to offer.

With an extensive understanding of product development and taking inspiration from a deep background in healthy living, every Sanari Candle scent is passionately crafted by Rebecca and her team of scientists to blend the non-toxic and natural ingredients that make our organic candles.

The name "Sanari" is a combination of the names of Rebecca's two children.

Aria means Air and Sanam means Love,  creating pure love in the air you breathe.

Our Mission and Commitment is to:

  • Create a healthy and wholesome life style

  • Provide an atmosphere that promotes inner balance, focus, and calm.

  • Provide an environment conducive to relaxation, for your mind, body, and spirit

  • Environmentally consciousness and fully sustainable end-to-end  

  • Eliminate waste and release of toxins in the air

All aspects of our clean-burning coconut soy wax candles are carefully considered to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. After considerable sourcing, sustainability research and hands-on testing, Rebecca and her team have crafted truly some of the most enjoyable organic soy coconut wax candles available.

Our vegan candles are sourced from 100% animal free products. Our GMO-Free candles are made entirely of organic foods and natural essential oils -- no pesticides or preservatives means that the air you breathe is fresh and absent of unnecessary artificial ingredients. From our home to yours, our natural candles are proudly made in California, USA, where they are individually poured into reusable and recyclable wine glasses to ensure the highest quality and care.

Light a Sanari Candle and breathe deeply as you are transported to a place of peace, relaxation and tranquility.

(310) 735-0448

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