Spicy and Woody

Spicy and Woody Scents bring you back to a happy time and place.  Spices that remind you of home and family are combined with the fresh scents of holidays and time spent with family and friends

Biscotti is appropriately named and is perfect while enjoying a cup of coffee being the perfect embodiment of its namesake Italian confection.  Trentino brings back memories of pumpkin patches and apple picking while still being perfect for a dinner party or time spent with friends.


  Giardino has the masculine scent of times spent by a campfire with its smoky woods and herbs combined with a perfect amount of refreshing citrus.  Bosco is one of our all time best-sellers with its distinct outdoor scent reminiscent of the holidays together with a touch of mint and citrus.

All of our Spicy and Woody Candles, as with all Sanari Candles, are infused with whole essential oils giving you the full aromatherapy benefits of the oils in used every candle.

Not sure which Floral Candle to start with?  With our Mini-Luxe Gift Set, you can get a great set of 3 to choose from!

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