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Don't Limit Scents to Certain Seasons - Enjoy the Benefits Year-Round

Historically, the use of the candles and specific scents in religious or ceremonial rites were assigned different meanings for different purposes. Going beyond the mere provision of physical light to inspire the candle lighter towards a desired purpose of the soul, a light of a different kind, if you will. However, spiritual intentions aside, there now seems to be a growing body of scientific evidence that supports the idea that certain scents, or combinations of scents, can also affect the physical and mental wellbeing of those who use them.

Most people know that lavender is a generally relaxing scent. Did you know that studies have shown it can also decrease your heart rate? For those suffering from hypertension, anxiety, or even some forms of asthma, lighting a candle that contains lavender can mitigate some of these stress-related disorders. Using that candle late in the day after work, or even during breaks in the day can give your body and mind a welcome respite from everyday stressors.

We tend to think of cinnamon as a scent most related to the holiday season, regardless of religion, because it is so often used in baking in the colder months. It should be used year-round to promote improved cognitive function and memory! Cinnamon can be extremely helpful for those that have work or school projects coming up. It can help anyone that needs focus and attention, not to mention just wanting to stay sharp as we age. Lighting a candle with cinnamon incorporated while studying or when doing a puzzle may just help you retain more information and perform more efficiently.

As with cinnamon, citrus seems to have been relegated to only one season of the year. The scents of oranges, lemons, etc. make us think of sunshine and summer. Like cinnamon, that is really limiting all that those lovely citrus scents can add to your quality of life. Consider that many citrus combinations have been shown to boost energy and alertness while simultaneously also reducing stress. Combine citrus and vanilla (which also has mood-elevating properties), and you've got yourself a recipe for a mini-scent vacation that you can take anywhere you light that candle!

By choosing Sanari plant-based candles, you can undoubtedly provide a chosen ambiance for your home. Better than that is that all of the combinations of scents that are available allow you to light different candles at different times of day to create a scent program that can assist your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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