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Sanari Candles are Safe for your Pets

Consider how much we spend each year on our pets in this country. According to a recent article published in Forbes magazine, The American Pet Products Association reported that almost 85 million households have at least one pet.

Due to an uptick in online purchasing, and market research showing how pet ownership can positively affect overall wellbeing, today’s population now “owns” more pets than ever before. We spend our money on better food, toys, and leisure activities than generations past so that our furry friends can live the happiest, healthiest lives we can afford.

Considering all that, why are we still lighting those cheap drug store candles around them when we know how bad they are for PEOPLE, who are at least capable of leaving the room when breathing is inhibited, or senses are overwhelmed? Dogs and cats have way better olfactory senses than we do, so why are we endangering their wellbeing by lighting inherently hazardous paraffin candles so that we can have our living rooms smell like pumpkin spice?

There is solid research that tells us that run of the mill paraffin candles can be silently deadly. We have already covered all the negative side effects associated with lighting them. Toxins released into the atmosphere include lead, naphthalene, formaldehyde, and phthalates. Phthalates alone have been implicated in causing endocrine system disruptions leading to diabetes, congenital disabilities, and cancer. You wouldn’t want to expose your infant to that noxious cocktail, think about your poor pup, kitty or lizard with its already shorter lifespan. They can’t tell you when they are in discomfort, so it’s up to you to make informed choices about the kind of products you use to scent your home.

Also, like babies, household pets are far more likely to ingest anything that smells like it might be food. Considering that almost all the food smelling (think apple crumble, peppermint bark, or chocolate parfait) paraffin candles available at a typical mall are created with artificial fragrances, you are just asking for your loveable pet to be poisoned when they are irresistibly drawn to eat something that smells like a treat. Maybe this will only lead to diarrhea or vomiting, but more troubling possibilities range from weakness to depression, seizures, low body temperature, salivation, and even death.

We get that sometimes being a pet parent can be a smelly proposition. Animals can’t always make it to the outside or to their litter boxes to do their business. Additionally, smaller rodent pets that live in cages tend to smell more pungently if not cleaned after every “bathroom break.” Sometimes it seems like no matter how much we clean, we just can’t get that odor out of our nose, so why not light a candle to mask that unpleasantness? The problem is that that masking agent comes with a side helping of the very ingredients that cause some of these unhappy accidents. Why even take that chance?

Pets can make our lives so much better. They have been clinically proven to lower blood pressure, depression, and loneliness…therefore there are so many emotional support animals popping up all over the place.

Using Sanari candles to scent your home safely and naturally only makes sense when considering the overall health and monetary cost of the alternative. After all, vet visits and professional carpet cleaning adds up to a pretty penny, not to mention we do want the best for our furry (or scaly, if you like amphibians) companions. Our candles smell awesome, burn cleanly, and won’t hurt any of your family, human or otherwise.

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