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Using Candles in Your Home Office

Millions of humans around the world have retreated into their homes to stem the tide of the global pandemic. Being at home gave people time to reevaluate their living space.

We have repositioned the center of our entire existence to be our homes. We are working from home, homeschooling our children, and rediscovering all those hobbies and pastimes.

Families no longer seek out new and exciting locales to fit our moods and fancies, so it falls to us to make our living space suit those circumstances.

You do not need to redesign your room to transform it

Human interest stories on redesigning your new “home office” fill the news. There are stories about deep cleaning your carpet and changing color schemes.

You do not need to make drastic changes to transform your space. Lighting a candle imbued with natural fragrances is much more convenient and gives you an immediate effect. Your preferred scent can transport you to the exotic locales you have been missing during this bizarre time.

Our Sense of Smell Can Bring us back to simpler times

The olfactory system is so sophisticated that what we smell can affect so many other reactions in the body.

Smell something a crisp apple, and you will immediately remember the taste of that apple. The smell will bring back any number of memories ranging from childhood field trips to orchards for picking or sitting at Grandma’s stove, making applesauce from scratch.

The further effects of those memories can be emotional such as excitement for the trip to grandma’s house and the warmth and love you received while there. Lastly, you may just want to eat an apple.

All these thoughts and emotions come from a hint of an aroma from a Sanari Candle. Why not utilize the powerful tool of a familiar scent to turn a simple living space into a haven that we feel lucky to experience?

Working from Home Allows You to Personalize Your Workspace in Ways Not Possible in an Office

If you are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, how great would it be to light a candle that relaxes you enough to conduct high stakes business, yet still energizes you. Naturally, what works for some may not work for others.

Pompelmo, for example, is a heady mix of woody Douglas fir and proven mood stabilizers Lavender and Chamomile. Perfect for placing in a workspace (or coffee table) in preparation for negotiation or “new math” lessons to your home-schooled child.

Using our candles to enhance the stay at home experience is not just a way to make an untenable situation more bearable. In the United States, many industries realize that having employees work from home is cheaper and increases productivity, so this may be a direction we will stick to in the future. That means that some employers are closing office buildings altogether in favor of going forward with the work-at-home business model.

Transform Your Home and Enjoy Your Personal Space

Spending time at home is an opportunity to turn your living and workspace into the kind of setting that augments the sort of life and lifestyle you want to live. Sanari offers such a complex variety of scents that it would be impossible for you NOT to find one that you can embrace as your own-with all the memories, emotions, and purpose of a complicated and elegant scent experience.

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