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Sanari Provides Inner Balance, Focus, and Calm

It’s not an exaggeration to say that these are trying times we live in. According to a study conducted in 2020, published in the journal American Psychologist, Penn State researchers looked at data from 1,499 adults collected in 1995 and then from 782 different adults 17 years later in 2012. Researchers found that day-to-day stress and a sense of lower overall well-being were much higher in the 2010s compared to the 1990s. That was before a global pandemic, to just name one of the modern stressors plaguing Americans today! With so many factors out of our control, it only makes sense for us to ensure our environment is not only stress-free but is a personal oasis that promotes tranquility. The first step to doing that is through the senses; the most transformative is the scent.

Of course, scent is the quickest way to transport your state of mind! It is the sense that pulls you into memories of sunny coconut beach days and cozy vanilla-perfumed embraces by the fire! Lighting the right candle and choosing a certain fragrance can deliver you from the anxiety of the news and the harsh lights of technology into whatever peace you want your space to convey!

Aria, with its clean, crisp combination of citrus and lavender, is one choice that is perfect for morning meditation and re-energizing. This is a candle to be lit as the day begins- before your shower and cup of joe. There have been multiple studies concluding the enervating properties of citrus and the calming effects of lavender, and with Aria, you get them both working together deliciously to get you prepared for a new day!

Fresco is a wonderful choice for a candle to light to enhance yoga practice or rhythmic breathing on a break to combat the frenzy of a busy day. Creating a therapeutic environment scented with the herbs like basil and sage, softened with bergamot and Persian lime, we encourage you to inhale deeply and relieve your earthly burden with Sanari’s Fresco.

Bosco lit at the end of a long workday is the perfect way to comfort yourself with peace and warmth. Often described as a masculine scent, this sophisticated combination of spicy and woody is a mixture of pine, fur, grapefruit, and mint. A Bosco candle is one you want to light after dinner with a glass of wine and soft music playing in the background-a sure way to center yourself before a restful night’s sleep.

All this scent therapy is made more so because Sanari candles are Vegan and paraffin free, meaning each cleansing breath you take is free of the carcinogens that accompany conventional store-bought candles. Far less costly than therapy sessions and medications, you can light some lovely Sanari essential oil-scented candles that not only illuminate but assist your journey toward mental well-being!

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