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Into the Woods

A 2018 article in Time magazine introduced the rest of the world to shinrin-yoku . Also called something called forest bathing- shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.” So shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere or taking in the forest through our senses. At a time when we are as disconnected as we are, whether because of social distancing or just the ever-encroaching effects of technology, this practice is about nothing other than connecting with the world and slowing down. The idea behind this is that you engage the senses, with the sense of smell playing a major role in this immersion. Numerous studies abound that A two-hour “forest bath” can bring you into the present moment and provide real health benefits.

Most of us don’t have a forest at our disposal. What we do have available to us, are outstanding earth friendly candles that incorporate those woody scents in a manner designed to provide maximum positive effect. Sanari candles uses the best quality pine, cedar, Douglas fir, and balsam in unique combinations with herb, fruit, and flower fragrances so that even if you are not strictly a fan of woodsy notes, there should be something we off that pleases everyone’s senses. The health benefits alone are a reason to explore, especially now that we are in the middle of this world-wide pandemic.

All those woodland scents used by Sanari have been used historically to remedy emotional and psychological maladies such as depression and anxiety. Lighting something like our Pompelmo candle, which marries Douglas Fir with grapefruit and lavender can provide therapeutic stress relief while also utilizing those other fragrance notes to elevate mood.

More than just a cheerful reminder of winter, wood-based scents like pine and cedar have also been shown to assist in respiratory distress, in this instance working as an expectorant by clearing chest and naval passages. For those suffering from illness such as seasonal allergies and/or colds, illuminating Sanari’s Bosco which incorporates pine, sage, grapefruit, and mint along with Douglas fir may provide meaningful relief without having the whole room smell like a tub of chest vaper rub.

Suffering from a sleep disorder or insomnia? Herbalists have historically recommended cedar oil for treatment, and more recently health journals have come on board. Apparently, cedar wood oil has sedative qualities in addition to those soothing and calming effects of the mind that other woodsy scents contain. Cedar wood’s soothing effects can also assist in providing healthy, restorative sleep while also lessening tension and anxiety. Some aromatherapists have stated this is because inhalation of cedar oil can induce a release of serotonin, which is converted to melatonin in the brain. Regardless, Sanari’s Aria candle combines cedarwood with other super relaxing scents like Ylang Ylang and bergamot to afford a meditative experience one might otherwise find at a spa.

Most consumers are more familiar with the scents of Douglas Fir, Pine, and Cedar being used during the December holiday season. They are homey and warming when the weather gets cold but offer so much more than cheer and festivity during the rest of the year.

Choosing a fragrance, or the right combination, can improve overall health and wellness.

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