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The Sanari Candle Lifestyle is All About Choice

Leadership gurus and life coaches like to throw around sayings like, “Life is about choices” as if the acknowledgement of that is the answer to some secret that only the enlightened are privy to. Of course, life is about choices! We make a zillion choices a day without thinking, from how we like our coffee to which side of the street we choose to walk on to whether we feel like using the blue or black pen to sign documents today. How we make those decisions---what the criteria is for basing our selections on, THAT is a lifestyle choice.

At Sanari candles, every single aspect of production is a thoughtful choice made with towards a beautiful end goal. The candle itself is totally nontoxic-the wax is made from coconut and soy that is free of GMO, pesticides, and herbicides throughout the process of cultivation at organic farms located in the United States. Sanari Candles only use natural unbleached and untreated cotton wicks, as opposed to industry standards which allow for bleached wicks for aesthetic purposes. The glass casing for the candle makes a gorgeous wine glass, and because the wax is clean burning and non-toxic, all a person need do after the candle has been depleted is wash the glass off with dish soap and then you can drink from it! Even the box your candle is shipped in can be up-cycled to store jewelry or trinkets, they are so well-made and sturdy.

We are hoping that because of all our well thought out decisions in producing our candles, you can decide to adopt our candles into your lifestyle. We understand that some people would rather wait until a big sale at the mall where they can purchase a bunch of huge candles at a reduced price, but we think our customers would rather have one or two of our exception aromatherapy candles to enhance your lifestyle without slowly poisoning you and your loved ones, including pets. No disrespect to the person who simply wants every room in their house to smell like generic vanilla and doesn’t care about carcinogens polluting the air of their home, but we like to think we can do better for ourselves and for the earth.

This is not about making judgements regarding what choices other people are making, but rather what choices can WE make to enhance our time on this earth and to let people know where we stand in that regard. Thoughtful people separate their recyclables, buy one organic peach as opposed to the 4 conventional they could get for the same price because it’s better for their bodies, attempt to shop local because it limits carbon emissions and supports local farms.

In short, our candles are just better-for the planet, sure-, but they also just smell better than anything you can buy at a mall or box store. These are elegant, sophisticated fragrances made by perfumer artists. Each recipe evokes an experience, rather than just a one note reminder of a flower, fruit, or baked good. You will not find these formula anywhere else, so when you buy a candle for yourself or as a gift, you are making the choice that is unique and intelligent, with a care for individualism.

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